The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse


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Deep in the forest, the mighty Lion slept
And round his mighty paws, the tiny Mousey crept
Round his mighty claws, the tiny Mousey nibbled
Chewing on the grains the mighty claws had kibbled

Alas, poor Mousey’s nibbling and chewing
Woke Lion up, Hey, what are you doing?
The King caught him in his mighty royal paw
Then asked loudly in his mighty royal roar
Who are you, with such audacity
To dare to wake his Lord and Majesty?
(Never wake a lion from his slumber
As you can see, he’s quite a grumbler)
Well, before I go back to sleep
I think I’d like a snack to eat
I think I’d like for a mini-breakfast
The little alarm that didn’t run fast.

The lion yawned, his jaws were wide
Rows of teeth lined up inside
White and mean and much malign
Incisors, molars, butch canines
Little Mousey was just one gulp
From becoming rodent pulp
He squeaked, Dear Lord, before I go
There’s just one thing you need to know
If you listen, you’ll be convinced
I’m much much better alive than minced
If you grant me my mere survival
I’ll be your pal and not your rival
If you’re ever in any trouble
I’ll be right there, at the double!
Lion stopped and roared with laughter
Allied with you? I think you’d have to
Be more scary and much much stronger
Much much bigger and much much longer
However, since you are The King of Comedy
The Alliance of Kings we now shall be


Lion let go and Mousey scarpered
Through the jungle’s floral carpet
Lion thought, Oh, so amusing
And went back to his lovely snoozing
The great cat slept on like a log
And woke again at four o’clock
Just the time for a saunter
To the lake to sip some water

The best-laid plans of mice and men
Are likely to go wrong and when
Lion padded down the track
Suddenly a Crack! Whack! Thwack!
Caught and hoisted in the air
By the rope trap lying there

With no pride or ceremony
The King was hanging from a tree
Trapped alive in a hunter’s net
Did he holler? Yes, you bet!
His roars filled up the forest air
I’m trapped! Oh please! Does no one care?
I would do most anything
To be freed from this swing

And just when hope was at an end
Appeared his noble rodent friend
I may be small, but have no fear!
I am a qualified net engineer!
Here for all network solutions
(I also offer consultations)
I am here, your netty mate
This is a web I can navigate
There is no web I cannot traverse
There is no web I can’t do in verse

Surely and swiftly, this system analyst
Analyzed the system in a twist
Razor-sharp and quite unfazed
Nibbling nodes on net pathways
Cutting links, he bound and dashed
Until the net was down and crashed

The time was not yet ten to six
When Mouse freed Lion from the matrix
What if I told you that everything you know
Is helping a friend with nowhere to go?
Well, little mouse, you’ve proven your worth

You are truly a king of royal birth
I thought you were nothing and that was a travesty
You taught me a lesson, Your Rodent Majesty

I’ve seen the truth with my very own eyes
Greatness does not depend on size

My view of you will never be the same
Jump up, dear friend, and ride on my mane!

The two kings wandered down the evening path
The two kings wallowed in their evening bath
Their kingdoms united, for that was their plan
The King of the Jungle and his new mane man.

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