/s/, /ʃ/, /ʈʃ/ Sue and the Sheep Pronunciation Poem

/s/, /ʃ/, /ʈʃ/ Sue and the Sheep Pronunciation Poem


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Sue and the sheep sail away on a ship



The sea seeps in slowly, the sheep has a sip



The new shoe of Sue comes in a shoe batch



The sheep chews her shoe and gets a Sue bash



Sea bass and chips are really quite nice



 But Sue always chooses fresh sea bass and rice



The sheep chews his chips on the ship every night



Sheep don’t eat sea bass as that’s just not right



So the sheep sips mint sauce with his chips on his seat



Shin of Sue on her seat, chin of sheep on his sheet



Can Sue copy the sheet of the sheep?



Is that a Sue sin or is it just cheap?



The sheep gets so mad, he stamps on his seat



‘Sue cheats me so much, she is a bad cheat!’



‘ Cheats make me so mad’, he shouts from his seat



‘Sue must not cheat me just because I’m a sheep!’


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