/n/, /ŋg/ activities: Big Ben Beng’s Alarm Clock Factory

/n/, /ŋg/ activities: Big Ben Beng’s Alarm Clock Factory


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In big Ben Beng’s alarm clock factory

The clocks go, ‘Ding!’ at quarter to three

The ding-din stops and then it’s time for tea

Tea and a funny thin thing called a Smee

And Benny Beng, he said to me, ‘Now listen here, son

I’ve sung in the Albert Hall and I’ve sung in the sun

And Smee’s alright if you bung it on a bun!

Now in this factory there’s a few rules

Don’t bang the clocks and don’t bang the tools

I’m also banning banging on my motorbike

It’s a Ben bike bang ban, if you like

Rule number two, it’s a sin to sing

Singers are sinners, I’ve got a sin bin

And there’s also a bin for the clocks that go ‘bing’

Because they’re no good, if you know what I mean

Clocks, on the other hand, that only go ping

Are missing a thin thing, it’s called a ping-pin

With a ping-pin in, they won’t ping or bing

With a ping-pin in, they’ll make a nice ring

And that’s what my factory is all about

Alarm clocks must ring, without any doubt’

Then a big ringer rang six or ten times

And Ben ran out shouting, ‘I’m also banning rhymes’

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