Aunts and Ants /æ/,/a:/ pronunciation poems

Aunts and Ants /æ/,/a:/ pronunciation poems



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1. When Auntie Pat found an ant in her hat, she said, ‘How do you do, well, well, fancy that! Your head is so small, your heart must be too, but I’m sure that it must be the right size for you.’
2. Pat and the lads found a carp in a bag, they wrapped it in lard and gave it a hat, and jumped on a cart bound for Squiggly Flat, ‘cos The Carp Rescue Centre, that’s where it’s at.


3. Cats in baseball are not often seen, the bats are too heavy, if you see what I mean, the caps are too big for their little cat heads, their hearts are not in it, so they’re home in their beds.


4. Bart had a part in a play by The Bard, the part wasn’t big, the part was not hard, it wasn’t exciting, it was really dull, he said not a word, for Bart is a skull.

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